Longsole Repair

KOKOS' Master Craftsmen specialise in longsole repair of both Goodyear welted and Blake constructed shoes. We pride ourselves on restoring each pair of shoes to its former glory while respecting its own individual history. If you have any questions regarding the repair of a much loved leather item, feel free to contact us by phone or email us at enquiries@kokos.co.uk for a consultation. Better still, you can visit us in East Finchley where our helpful staff are always on hand to offer advice.

If you already know what you want repaired, send it to us and we'll get to work!

Longsole Range

From heels and half soles to longsoles, our in-store Master Craftsmen can perform a range of repairs to suit your needs as well as restoring damages in leather for all footwear and leather goods. Below is an example of a full Longsole Repair.

Here is a selection of our range of men's Longsole Repairs. They can be repaired using varying materials such as leather, rubber or a combination of the two.

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Our KOKOS Leather Longsole Repair uses high grade leather. Specially sourced, this natural material is breathable making it the traditional choice, sympathetic to the quality gentleman’s shoe.


Our Hybrid range combines the traditional aesthetic of a high grade leather longsole with the added resilience and grip of a rubber sole.


The most hardwearing of our three categories, rubber provides the most traction and is resistant to water. We can even convert your leather soled shoes to rubber soles, for example Dainite is popular as it retains a similar thickness and style to a leather sole. For a more rugged look, the Commando sole is ideal.


Specialist Repairs

As well as heels, half-soles and longsoles, our Master Craftsmen are able to fulfill specialist repair requests. Why not find out what else is special?